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How to Get More From Your Sign Company

Extra Charges

  • When talking to a sign company, ask them if they have any additional charges. Companies will commonly charge extra for:
    • Wires
    • Design Work
    • Proofs
    • Including logos
    • Color Printing
    • Shipping / Expedited Shipping


Turnaround Times

  • Ask your sign company how late you can get information in for them to get you the signs.
  • Will you have to go in and pick up the signs or can they deliver them to the course?


Quality Control

  • Check what format the sign company needs a logo.
  • NO REQUIREMENTS? Some companies will print anything you give them.
    • Convenient? Yes!
    • Obvious difference in quality? You decide



Customized Design

  • Can the company match your tournament theme or organization logo?
  • Can you put a personalized note on the signs to remind golfers what the tournament is about?
  • How many other tournaments in your area have used the same design?